The instant pot is a great alternative (or addition) to a traditional rice cooker. The taste and texture of pressure cooked rice dishes are great, and it’s also much quicker than other methods of cooking rice. Rice is easy to make in the pressure cooker using the steps below:

  • Rinsing rice is mostly personal preference – you can quickly rinse in a sieve if you like, but it isn’t essential
  • It isn’t necessary to soak rice, but if you do it will cook faster and might be easier to digest
  • Measure out the rice. You don’t have to use a cup measure, but you should use the same measure for rice and water to keep the ratio correct
  • Add the water to the rice
  • Using manual mode set the pressure cooker to the correct time and make sure you have the pressure valve closed
  • Most types of rice benefit from slow release, but you can do quick release if you are in a hurry

You can find more help on using the instant pot using our instant pot guide.

Rice cooking times and water ratio


RiceRice to Water ratioCooking Time (Minutes)
Basmati1: 1.54 – 8
Brown1: 1.2522 – 28
Jasmine1: 14 – 10
White1: 1.58
Wild1:325 – 30
Arborio (risotto)1:2 5
Sushi (rinsed)1: 1 1/27
Red 1: 1.2520