The instant pot is great for cooking grains. It takes a fraction of the time and energy to cook grains in the instant pot compared to in a regular pan. Getting an instant pot is also the perfect excuse to try out some new grains!

Most grains are very easy to cook following the steps below:

  • For most grains, you will use a lot less water than you would if you cooked the grains in a pan
  • You can give the grains a quick rinse first, but it isn’t usually necessary
  • Add the grains to the instant pot. You don’t have to use a cup measure, but you should use the same measure for grains and water to keep the ratio correct
  • Add the correct ratio of water
  • Using manual mode, set the pressure cooker to the correct time and make sure you have the pressure valve closed
  • Most grains will benefit from natural release but you can let out the pressure a little earlier if you are in a hurry

You can find more help on using the instant pot using our instant pot guide.

Grain cooking times and water ratios

Grain Grain to Water ratioCooking Time (Minutes)
Barley, pearl1:425 – 30
Barley, pot1:3 ~ 1:425 – 30
Congee, thick1:4 ~ 1:515 – 20
Congee, thin1:6 ~ 1:715 – 20
Couscous1:25 – 8
Corn, dried, half1:325 – 30
Kamut, whole1:310 – 12
Millet1:1 2/310 – 12
Oats, quick cooking1:1 2/36
Oats, steel-cut1:1 2/310
Porridge, thin1:6 ~ 1:715 – 20
Quinoa, quick cooking1:28
Sorghum1:320 – 25
Spelt berries1:315 – 20
Wheat berries1:325 – 30